LTL MTN is a full service digital creative agency.

LTL MTN (pronounced “little mountain”) is a team of web pros with decades of experience working with creative visionaries, entrepreneurs, and organizations — everyone from all businesses to Fortune 500 companies, from creative non-profits to cutting-edge artists.

Our work begins with an understanding of who you are and what you need. We’re happy to help you figure that out! Next, we identify how to clearly and directly convey your brand message on the web. Of course, great design is a given. Finally, we assist you in reaching your target audience. We deliver compelling content and create quality conversations.

Located in the Catskill Mountains, our clients hail from the region, as well as New York City, Los Angeles, and many points in between.




STEVE KOESTER | Design & Strategy

Steve has twenty years experience helping businesses achieve success online. Prior to founding LTL MTN, he worked for over a decade for a top 25 electronics e-commerce company in NYC, where he was in charge of branding, design, marketing and UX/UI issues. Steve has partnered on projects with Intel, Citicorp, Sony, Ikea, Nike and Apple, and developed projects with agencies such as Weiden-Kennedy, McCann, Dinoto, and Arcade. His most valued quality is a keen ability to listen to clients, translate their needs, and turn their desires into winning web assets.


Jessie Koester | ContenT 

Jessie is an award-winning writer and editor experienced in turning content and marketing strategies into compelling, cohesive narratives. With an MFA in creative writing, fellowships at Yaddo and other artists' colonies, and several years working for top NYC internet ad agencies, media companies, nonprofits, and small businesses, Jessie understands the power of story to connect us in real life and the digital world.


Paolo Vidali | Development & SEO

Paolo has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and web development. He began his digital career building servers for software startups during the dot-com boom and transitioned into creating custom enterprise e-commerce and digital marketing integrations for startups in Philadelphia and Boston. Paolo is a contributor to Search Engine Journal, and has been featured in EContent Magazine, CIO and Mashable.



Jason has worked in the field of computer graphics and design since he was a teen. For the past seven years, he has produced set and prop art for the film and television industry, as well as designing websites. Jason has most recently worked with Hawthorne Valley Waldorf Farm in rebranding their dairy and bakery products. In his spare time, Jason enjoys exploring the area around his current town of Hudson, NY, with his wife and three daughters.



Elliot Toman has been designing and developing websites since before Google was popular. Despite crippling old age, he continues to be motivated by delivering elegant, bespoke solutions for creative clients. Elliot lives in Kingston, NY with his wife and four children.