Writing, editing, optimizing, sharing. WE HELP YOU TELL YOUR STORY.

The great thing about the internet is that it allows you to engage with your audience—to teach, share, show, inspire, and build lasting relationships. There are more ways than ever to reach new customers, clients, and members. They expect—they want—to hear from you. They're waiting. A recent study by Havas Group found that "84% of people expect companies to produce content."

Compelling content is not overly promotional. It goes deeper than marketing and advertising. It includes stories, voice, and style, that together resonate and deepen trust in your brand.

At LTL MTN, we're good at telling stories and we love to cheerlead for our clients.

Through relevant research and brief interviews, we discover who you are, what you do, why you do it, and we emphasize how you are the expert in your field. We shape your story, distilling it down to the essence. Then, we curate content and manage your marketing and editorial calendars. All based on your voice, your audience, your goals.


Website Copy / Blog Articles / Social Media Posts / Ad Copy / Newsletters / Interviews / Essays / Articles / White Papers / Speeches / Fundraising Appeals / Annual Reports / Product Descriptions / Press Releases

Content Clients

Farm + Field
Simon & Schuster / Tiller Press
The Catskill Center
La Sirena Designs
Solar Generation
Whritner Builders
Barry Price Architecture
Tay Tea
Frost Valley YMCA
Fruitful Furnishings
Peekamoose Restaurant
Woodstock Vitamins
Mountain Flame


Jessie Koester is an award-winning writer and editor experienced in turning content and marketing strategies into compelling, cohesive narratives. With an MFA in creative writing, fellowships at Yaddo and other artists' colonies, and several years working for top NYC internet ad agencies, media companies, nonprofits, and small businesses, Jessie understands the power of story to connect us in real life and the digital world.