"Approaching the redesign of a website that had worked well for me was a daunting task. With a shift in the mission and guiding principles of my business, I needed a partner to undertake the kind of searching dialogue that would reveal an effective approach to representing digitally what was happening in the real world of my practice. Steve brought clear counsel to the discussions, adept technical guidance, and expedient translation and implementation of the design to the final website product. I recommend him and his team without hesitation."

- Barry Price, Founder, Barry Price Architecture

"Partnering with Steve Koester has been monumental for our business. Being new to marketing, Steve has helped us build great habits that has made a significant impact on our bottom line. He has helped us with all phases of marketing and even handles the heavy lifting - doing the tasks to get the work done all while refining the approach as data comes in. He's offered content creation services, email marketing, social marketing, and more. Most importantly, he's worked at a higher level, guiding content and marketing strategy for our weekly production cycle. We trust him implicitly as his judgement has proven itself valuable from day 1."

- Neal Smoller, Owner, Woodstock Vitamins

"I worked with Steve and his team on the design and implementation of my website. Not only was I impressed with the creative ideas that were suggested, but the implementation was flawless as well. When I struggled to articulate my vision, Steve was patient and willing to spend endless hours with me until we got it right. In addition, his team is well versed in social media trends and how to maximize exposure through digital channels. I highly recommend them."  

Barbara Reich, Author and Founder, Resourceful Consultants

“Steve’s great virtue is that he knows how to collaborate. He is able both to listen and to lead - a rare combo. If you want a website that looks great, works well and, most importantly, effectively tells your story (at a price that won’t kill you), put LTL MTN on your short list. We did, and I could not be more pleased with the results.”

- Joshua Brown, Founder, Brownstone Tutors

”Steve has shown an aptitude for working well across various teams to understand rapidly changing business requirements and quickly developing workable and most importantly flexible solutions. His contributions here are too many to list, but if I had to call out some of his most notable achievements they would be spearheading the yearly redesigns of, creating and managing our presence on social media, and leading the effort on J&R’s TV and radio commercials... I always looked forward to our brainstorming sessions and our collaborations always resulted in some amazing creative work that I am still so proud of to this day. I would just have to let him know what I was thinking and what the business strategy angle was, and Steve would always come up with a creative solution and manage his resources effectively to execute the vision as per the spec, on time, and on budget." 

Jason Friedman, President, J&R

"We seriously would not have the current success we’re enjoying with Tay Tea without the expert help of Steve Koester. We started working together January of 2014 and haven’t stopped since. I can always count on him to deliver expert marketing strategy especially regarding optimizing Tay Tea’s presence on all the search engines and in all social media. Steve did a complete and remarkable facelift for our existing website and set up our shopping cart which has resulted in increased sales. I highly recommend his low-key and consistently excellent service to anyone who’s looking for real results minus the usual marketing 'blah blah blah.' If I were to grade his service I’d give him an A ++ !"

- Nini Ordoubadi, Founder, Tay Tea

"I managed our Google Adwords Campaign for years and when it began to get complicated with new devices and the way people search for information, I handed the job off to Steve and the transition was seamless. Our geographically targeted ads now appear across all device platforms and represent the look and feel of our brand. Keeping up with the nuts and bolts and trends of contemporary marketing should be left to the professionals. LTL MTN has been great!" 

Todd Koelmel, Founder, SOLARgeneration

"We loved working with Steve so much on the first project we did together that we've hired him to help us with all of our web work. He is eminently responsive and also flexible—when we need guidance and direction, he provides a range of options; when we're clear about what we want, he executes faithfully. It's also been super-helpful to have someone with so much knowledge and experience help us troubleshoot and talk through thorny projects and issues. He's the best!" 

Ikusei Settimi, Director, The Monastery Store

“Recently we had to update our company’s website. Steve and his team were the perfect choice for us, with just the right balance of technical and creative skills. They are pleasant, professional and really paid attention to our company’s specific needs. Now our site is visually appealing, user friendly and current.”

- Lisa Krause, Owner, Krause’s Chocolates

"Thank you for the beautiful website. I love our new website. Each time I go on it, I still feel a bit of a thrill... It was such a pleasure working with you. From that initial meeting all the way through the many conversations and meetings you had with Ikusei (and that I would get summative reports about) I’ve felt like we were in good hands. The whole experience breathes true life into the phrase, 'It’s a pleasure doing business with you.' I mean it! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!!" 

- Danica Shoan Ankele, Zen Mountain Monastery

"IT’S GORGEOUS. What a huge success in upgrading the web and mobile presence. It is such a great tool for folks to have in hand when they visit, as I will be doing too! Fabulous work!" 

- Mountain Top Arboretum Board Member